Silicone Breast Pump


Every drop of your breast milk is precious so make sure to not miss a drop with our Silicone Breast Pump to collect breast milk leaks! This Manual Breast Pump is lightweight, portable and the perfect tool for every baby bag. Use it while breastfeeding, attach it to the lateral breast to catch any letdown that would otherwise be lost in a disposable nursing pads. 

The Silicone Pump doesn’t require any cords or assembly, smooth inside and extremely easy to clean.

Included: Silicone manual breast pump with 1 x Breast Pump Stopper, 1 x Dust Cover Lid, 1 x Luxury Canvas small tote, and Full instructions card.


+ BPA, PVC and Phthalate free

+ High Quality Medical Food Grade Silicone

+ 4oz/120ml milk collection capacity

+ Accommodates different breast sizes

+ Portable & Convenient

+ Suction based helps with no spills

+ Dishwasher safe

***Note: This is a Non-Refundable item.***


  • Brand = Love & Fit
  • Condition = RETAIL

Item Number: 10062-1

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