The Family Behind The Shop - I'm Laura, the wife half of the husband and wife team behind The Sharing Squirrel. Peter is the husband half and we have spent the better part of 10 years together. We are also proud parents to Benjamin, Hudson and Finnley.


The idea of The Squirrel started as an “imagine if” type conversation that so many husbands and wives have with each other. I had just had our first son, Benjamin, and we had decided that maybe I wouldn’t go back to my old job. After a few months of soaking up my first newborn babe I started getting a little antsy during nap times - the research phase of The Squirrel started. Before we knew it our “imagine if” conversation turned into a “what if” conversation and then into a full blown business plan. From here the ball rolled as fast as Ben was growing - and after what seemed like a blur we were standing with keys in our hand to a leased space that needed so. much. work.

We hired a contractor and we were so excited to get going on creating our dream retail space. A few weeks later said contractor took off with nothing done and A LOT of our money. This was our first big hurdle and we were on a timeline to get the doors open to all you wonderful people. In steps Pete (my hero)! FUN FACT - almost all the design detail in the store was done by him (and a long list of friends and family that love us so much). We managed to persevere and a few short months later we were ready to open! This was right around the time I found out I was expecting Hudson, our now middle babe. 

We opened our doors September 2017 and have never looked back. We have faced our challenges of course but more than that, we have grown into what we always imagined our business would be. We have had such an amazing support team behind us through this journey and absolutely could not have done it without any of them. We have SO MANY amazing ideas to put into The Squirrel and are so excited to keep growing and just get better and better.  

In September 2019, we added our 3rd little guy to the mix, Finnley. He’s just sweet as pie and I’m sure you’ll meet him around the shop.


This is us - the family you support when you choose to walk through the doors of The Sharing Squirrel and shop small. We created this business because it’s something we believe in, something we love, and something we wanted to share with an amazing community.


We are now a locally owned one stop shop for all of your baby, toddler + maternity needs. We offer a wide selection of sustainable style for the modern family.​ Although we like to think of ourselves as upscale, we don't mean high prices! The Sharing Squirrel wants you to enjoy an upscale shopping experience with upscale customer service all while saving money! Stop by to shop our ever-changing inventory and support a small family owned business.